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About ART

How We Began

Autism Response Team was founded 17 years ago by Dr Ali Sadeghi and Dr Leili Zarbakhsh. Dr Ali Sadeghi was a phenomenal clinical psychologist, whom brought the approach of overall family care to ABA. The idea is to focus on the care and support for the full family unit in order to ensure long term success of ABA treatment for the child. Dr Zarbakhsh has over 30 years of experience as an Educational Diagnostician in the school districts, and combined her commitment to effective education with the science of ABA. She received a second PhD in 2018 in Applied Behavior Analysis. They began the agency with a vision to provide the highest quality of care involving consultation across all specialties. Lisa Mousselli, Dr Sadeghi, and Dr Zarbakhsh began Autism Response Team Texas 5 years ago in East Texas. Lisa Mousselli has worked in the field of ABA for 15 years, and came to Texas with the vision of bringing this collaborative ABA model to her home state. This agency has now expanded across North Texas and East Texas due to the high demand for effective and efficient services. Autism Response Team Texas began in order to fill a growing need and demand for individualized ABA treatment designed to impact the patient and their families. Our goal is to provide treatment to all ages with fast results, so the family may continue to flourish and attain all goals set forth even after ABA has graduated the patient.

Coordinated Management of Care

Autism Response Team Texas Model of ABA-Coordinated Management of Care (ART-CMC) involves a concerted effort to integrate the work of general physicians, developmental pediatrics, pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and speech therapists as well as teachers. Patient’s care is viewed as a multidisciplinary work.

Patients generally receive an initial assessment from a developmental pediatrician or clinical psychologist to rule in/out the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (DSM-IV TR). Individuals with severe behaviors will receive a functional analysis to determine the function of their behaviors and develop a function-base intervention. These individuals will also receive an evaluation from their psychiatrist for psychiatric assessment and intervention.

With the above model in mind, what will be presented in the following pages is the protocol of applied behavior analysis practiced by Autism Response Team ABA services. This protocol is intended to demonstrate the mechanism of clinical quality control of care provided by ART.

“SEE” as a Model Guiding ART ABA program

“SEE” is an acronym  for safety, efficacy, and efficiency.

Autism Response Team is committed to ensure the safety of each patient who may come to its service delivery attention. Direct care staff staff and their supervisors are trained to be aware of their “mandate to report” responsibility. Direct care staff staff and their supervisors are further trained in the techniques of NCPI to ensure that in the events that a patient becomes physically aggressive manage the patient and themselves as safely as possible.

Efficacy stands for treatments that is effective and will enable the patient to move toward independence. Supervisors and direct care staffs are trained and monitored to ensure the programs they develop and implement for each patient is appropriate and produces the utmost effect in terms of outcome.

Efficiency stands for treatments that are enabling the patients to reach their goals as quickly as it is possible. Supervisors and direct care staff staff are mindful that services provided to each patient are not only effective

Meet the Team

Lisa Mousselli Resweber MA BCBA LBA
Executive Director and Founder

Lisa Mousselli began working in the field of applied behavior analysis 16 years ago. She found an immense passion for providing high-quality care read more...

Leili Zarbakhsh, PhD, LEP, LMFT, BCBA-D
Dr. Leili Zarbakhsh

Leili Zarbakhsh, PhD, LEP, LMFT, BCBA-D, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst and Licensed Educational Psychologist read more...

Molly Gamboa MA BCBA LBA
Director of Clinical Services

“I am a mother of four and a grandmother of one. I began learning about behaviors and human development when my oldest children were very young, and for the last 19 years


Sean Peikari MA LPC BCBA LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor

I started in ABA 7 years ago as a behavior technician while enrolled in the Counseling program at UNT. I received my Masters in Counseling

Alawna Burrell MA BCBA LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I’ve worked in the field of behavior analysis since 2014. I completed my Bachelors in Psychology from Jackson State University and my Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Child

Maddie Stutzman MA BCBA LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I have had a desire to work with special needs kids from the time I was in 5th grade so I definitely have an immense passion for this field read more...

Heather Henderson MA BCBA LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

I received my M.S. in psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent development from Southern New Hampshire University read more...

Erin Loper MA BCBA LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to do experiments and collect data and make the world a better place.

Lacey Jackson MS BCBA LBA
Associate Director of Clinical Services

I started with ART as a part-time technician in 2018 while in graduate school to become an LPA. I wasn’t too sure what the company was about, but I had heard great things from previous clients and employees. read more..

Kaitlin Clem MA BCBA LBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

My name is Kaitlin Clem. My husband and I moved to Dallas from Virginia 4 years ago, and have absolutely loved it here. For years I've known that I have a strong passion and desire to work with individuals read more...

Marsha San-Miguel MA BCBA LBA
Director of Clinic Operations

I have over five years of experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities.  I have worked with children ages ranging from toddler to teenager read more...

Client Testimonials

Valarie Williams

I have taken my grandchildren to 2 social events and enjoyed them as much as the children. They had such a great time and did not want to leave. Staff was very supportive in helping with the different activities.
I have taken my grandchildren to 2 social events and enjoyed them as much as the children. They had such 

Vinson Family

We started ABA Therapy with ART a little over two years ago. We were out of options and just completely exhausted as parents when a friend suggested ABA therapy for our son. Our son at the time was 9 years old, not able to read/write, in a self-contained “Life Skills” classroom and his behavior was out of control at home. He was so aggressive and physical with us on a daily basis including his younger brother. We were out of options as well as his team of Doctors and we felt like “bad” parents. We were not able to go to public places as a family for fear of how our son would behave. He would scream, hit, bite, punch, spit, kick, pull hair, choke, etc. to any of his family members.

ABA started and we were taught a different way of parenting. Having therapist to stand beside you and almost “co-parent” with you was a feeling I can’t describe. We felt empowered, relieved, validated and hopeful just to name a few. We have learned so much from ART and can’t begin to describe what they have done for our family. I am proud to say my son is currently reading, in a resource classroom and fully included in all general education classes. My son has not physically assaulted a family member or therapist in over a year. We have been blessed with an amazing team at ART that has given us a chance to be a “family” again. We go places now that we never imagined we would be able to go with my oldest son. My family often comments on how far our son has come since starting ART and they are just amazed. We can’t even begin to describe just how life changing ART has been for our family. My son wouldn’t be who he is today without ART and we can’t imagine the path we would of taken had they not stepped in.


Vinson Family

We started ABA Therapy with ART a little over two years ago. We were out of options and just completely 

Kim Spencer

They have helped my son and family out in numerous ways. They have helped us from his behavior plans, accommodating our schedule as well as helping him academic wise. They are always willing to change and work with us on what’s best for our family and we have learned to communicate with our son that we didn’t know how to do before. They are awesome!
They have helped my son and family out in numerous ways. They have helped us from his behavior plans, accommodating 

Jennifer Vasquez

I have a 6 year old child, and have received services through Autism Response Team for the last 2.5 years. This is the most dedicated team that I have experienced. Lisa Mousselli will respond to messages at 10pm and 6am to support my family. The ABA technicians have come to my home at 6:30am just to help me with the struggles of waking my child up before school. They have stayed at my home until 8pm to help get him to sleep. I cannot thank ART enough for what they have done to improve Caiden's future. He now talks and plays with friends. THANK YOU for what you have done.
I have a 6 year old child, and have received services through Autism Response Team for the last 2.5 years.