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A LEADER in Social and Adaptive Skills Training

Alawna Burrell MA BCBA LBA

I’ve worked in the field of behavior analysis since 2014. I completed my Bachelors in Psychology from Jackson State University and my Masters in Psychology with a concentration in Child & Adolescent matters from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology online. While acquiring my Masters, I worked as a psychology intern at a Mississippi residential facility for adolescent males. I first took an interest in autism during my last year of graduate school. At that time, a close member of my family with Aspergers was learning to cope with life as a teen, which spearheaded my pursuit to learn even more about autism.

In 2014, I connected with two amazing professionals who introduced me to the world of applied behavior analysis relative to autism. Since beginning my journey, I have worked zealously as an RBT in many capacities! In December 2018, I obtained my certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of North Texas and passed my board exam in March 2019! My experience involves working with social skills groups, naturalistic teaching methods, and targeting early intervention with a range of children aged from 2-15. I’m committed to learning and progression. My greatest intention is to advance the study and application of behavior analysis with grace and compassion for all served!

Outside of work, I am a happy wife and a loving mother to an amazing 10 year old named Blake! Some of my hobbies include gardening, reading, singing, and traveling.”

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