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A LEADER in Social and Adaptive Skills Training

Bob Wallis

Bob Wallis comes from Lakes Regional where he has served as the head of three departments working with individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities.  He has grown the facility from zero individuals and no funding source to over a hundred individuals being served in three departments with five different funding sources.  Bob enjoys all aspects of behaviorism and this includes ABA, OBM, EAB, CBT, and all the methodologies that go along with them.  Before working for Lakes he managed a clinic that served children under the age of 10 years old and younger with a team of 15 staff.  A total of 15 years of his life has been dedicated to serving the world of developmental disabilities.

He operates off the understanding that people are individuals and are not the position that they hold. That if you take a person’s strengths and support areas that they are weak in you see more progress in their work.  In this field where their work in the trajectory of a person’s life and development there is not a more noble cause to live for.

Bob is known for his charismatic personality.  It based out of the understanding that families have entrusted the most valuable thing on this earth; their child.  The sobering fact that they holdout faith for us to provide answers, keeps him energetically looking into more salient answers to the problems faced.

The education that Bob brings is diverse.  He is has a Bachelors in Fine Arts, Completing his Masters in Psychology, and received credit hours in OBM.  Bob has provided supervision for occupational therapist, nurses and first responders for their on-site training for autism spectrum disorders and loved the teaching aspect of bringing someone into a misunderstood world.

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