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Connie Espinas, MS, BCBA, LBA

Hi, my name is Connie Espinas. I was born in the Philippines but spent most of my life growing up in Houston, TX.  I am a creative minded individual who loves to stay busy and explore everything I can get my hands on. I enjoy good music, better food, and everything creative! On the weekends, you can catch me blasting music, watering my plants, and painting. I’ve always gravitated to and been able to connect well with kids. Beginning at babysitting family friend’s kids as a teenager, working in daycares, and being a teacher for 4 years as an adult.  Kids have always had a special place in my life.

I completed my B.S. in Biology here in Tyler, at Texas College, where I also played NAIA D1 woman’s basketball for 3 years.  Upon moving back home to Houston, I worked as a medical assistant for a few years, before getting into education.  During my years as a teacher I worked with kids from the Pre-K to High School levels whom I taught Math, Science, and Art! As an educator, I was able to get my first experience working with children on the spectrum. Prior to my first entry-level behavior technician job, I had never before heard about ABA and what it all encompassed.  As I began my journey in ABA, I’ve was blessed to be surrounded by the best support, awesome kids, and great families that supported everything we did. 6 months in the field, I decided to pursue my Masters in Behavioral Analysis at Simmons University in Boston, MA.  I’ve grown so much as a tech and a person during the 2 years in my master program and I am super excited for this new chapter at ART and as a BCBA. I can’t wait to continue to change the lives of these kids, their families, and the communities that support us!

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