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A LEADER in Social and Adaptive Skills Training

Sean Peikari MA LPC BCBA LBA

I started in ABA 7 years ago as a behavior technician while enrolled in the Counseling program at UNT. I received my Masters in Counseling and later my Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of North Texas. In my time in the field I have worked with many wonderful families and amazingly skilled colleagues. I am a kid at heart and enjoy playing as much as I enjoy data collection! My wife and I have 4 pets; a dog, 2 cats and a giant tortoise named Rose. I bet you’ve never met a person who has a tortoise before. That’s alright, neither have I. Aside from my love of small dinosaurs, I enjoy watching tv, reading, listening to podcasts, quality time on the hammock, and board games.



Sean Peikari MEd, BCBA, LBA, LPC

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